Card games have always been very popular at any party. Below are a few entertaining card games which you could organize at your kitty party.

If your kitty group wants to experience something different apart from the routine card games played on a traditional table introduce them to the online world of playing card games. There are so many websites where you could gamble and play for fun. If you are an amateur or a veteran there is a choice for everyone. And who knows if you get lucky you could win some rewards too!

Matching cards

How do you play?

Shuffle your playing cards deck really well. Open up the first 16 cards face up and start making your pairs according to the below rules:

  • If there are 2 same cards you pair them (like 9 clovers and 9 hearts) and you get 20 points.
  • If there are 3 same cards and pair them (like 2 clovers, 2 diamonds and 2 spades) you get 35 points.
  • If there are 4 same cards and pair (like diamonds, clover, spade and hearts) you get 50 points.

The person with the highest points is the Winner.

Tally the cards

What you need: A deck of cards

Rules of the game:

Remove all the J, Q and K cards from the 52 card pile. You will have 36 cards now. Shuffle this set well and keep it aside. Choose any one of J, Q, K which you removed (any colour, shape) and set it aside as a 3 card pile. In the other pile, we will have the 36 cards.

Every player plays this game individually. The player chooses either J, Q or K from the 3 card pile.

J is 11 points, Q – 12 points and K – 13 points.

Let us assume if the player chooses Q, he needs to make as many combinations from the 36 card pile to tally up to 12 e.g.: 8 diamond and 4 clover, 7 spades and 5 heart.

The person who makes the maximum number of combinations in a minute is the Winner.

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